Glass partition wall in our taxi in Innsbruck

Our taxi company in Innsbruck with its large taxi reacted quickly in the time of the Corona virus and the demand for more "social distance" and equipped our taxi with a complete glazing between driver and passenger.


Glass partition wall in our taxi  Glass partition wall in our taxi


The glass partition makes you feel like you're in a London taxi and in your own glass bubble, separated from the driver.
As an additional protection, protective masks as well as gloves are provided for our guests. In addition, the vehicle will of course be disinfected after each trip!
All passengers are asked to pay by card in order to avoid a possible risk from cash transfers.
Our service offers the highest possible protection to all our passengers, especially the Corona risk groups.
We ask for your understanding that due to the special circumstances we cannot provide help such as carrying suitcases, etc.
Please make a reservation - we look forward to contributing to your health with our service at this difficult time.

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